Author Topic: Can't open MB Library - it's frozen even all the latest versions?  (Read 1777 times)


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I have three active MB librarys. Two of them are fine, I can switch to them within seconds. The third one seems to stop MB from working. After I switch to #3, MB doesn't respond anymore. I have about 10 backups from that library within my Dropbox.

MB isn't able to open any of that versions. I'm very sure that the versions are ok.

I suppose that there is some kind of problem within MB because I deleted some album folders directly in the file system and that songs are still within that library.

It's not a big library, only about 8 MB. It was last edited with MB 2.3.18. I've now uptdated to MB 2.4.5349

Anything I can do beside of creating a new library?

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