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Hi I would really appreciate any help with this as a lot of work has already been done and I don't want to have to redo it.

I have a new laptop after my other one was stolen. Everything was backed up, music, settings, playlists. I have moved them back onto the new laptop and have been trying to match up tracks & playlists, but it hasn't worked and the following problems have occured:

1. First I moved all the music back to My Music and matched the playlist file with music bee. It recognised all of the playlists but couldn't find the tracks.

2. I thought this might be because the folders are named differently, so I created a new path with identical folders and moved the music into there. This isn't so convenient because Windows really uses libraries, but I thought I'd moved them back through Music Bee afterwards, if it worked.

3. To start with it didn't work. I re-scanned files and put the moved ones into the inbox. Now about half the files had ID info missing, including artist, title, etc. All that was recognised was filename, and playlists still didn't match.

4. I hit the command 'Locate in windows explorer' for one track at a time, trying several, all with the same issue. Although Music Bee sent me to the correct folder, it didn't locate the track and I had to scroll down in the folder to find the track. All the ID info was present as it should be, just not recognised in Music Bee.

5. I couldn't work out what to do about this, so eventually uninstalled & reinstalled Music Bee.

6. The new installation immediately recognised the tracks, I guess there was some memory which wasn't uninstalled. It didn't recognise the playlists, I had to manually locate them again. As before, about half the tracks had their ID info missing, but this time most, but not all of, the tracks had their playlist recognised.

7. So, I tried to move the folders where the tracks are located back into My Music. First I tried to move folders which is easiest. I received the error message 'Failed - Access to the path is denied'

8. I created identical folders in My Music to the folders I wanted to move, and tried to move the tracks rather than the folders. I received the same error message.

So, now I don't know what to try. I have music in the wrong location which I can't move, and I have about half my music where Music Bee is not recognising the ID info. Plus a proportion of tracks who are still not recognised in playlists and the 'Locate in Windows Explorer' command, which I tend to use regularly, not working correctly.

Please advise! Many thanks.


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I think you've already done too much for anyone to possibly help you out. It's not easy to guess what the original issues would have been in relation to what could have been done to them by the series of your follow-up actions.

The tracks MB has problem reading tags might be set as read-only. Check their property tab and adjust the setting if that's the case. No idea what caused that: your backup itself might have been read-only or the identical folders you tried to create and move files into might have affected.

If that doesn't help, you might have better luck if you try to undo the changes you made and start from scratch again. And if something's not working correctly, stop there and ask again with full information accompanied by screenshots.