Author Topic: Importing music direct from iphone to musicbee library  (Read 2539 times)


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Would any kind souls be able to help me? I gave up iTunes in frustration trying to sync my iphone 5 to a new laptop and have been trying alternatives. MusicBee was recommended a lot but I'm not finding it very self explanatory. All I want to do is import the music I have on my iphone and have it stored in the music bee library. I don't want to import from my music files on my laptop because there's a lot in there I don't necessarily want synced on my iphone. I think I need to have an ipod/iphone driver, but I didn't even know what to do with the zip file when I download it honestly. That's how much help I need  :-\ If anyone could take me step by step through it or recommend something easier I would be very grateful.



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I'm not quite sure I understand correctly what you're trying to do. The question is whether you have all your music files on your laptop including those on your iPhone. If so, then why not try importing them from your laptop to MusicBee? You can either import only selected folders to MB or delete unnecessary tracks from MB after importing all, as importing means simply letting MB know where the music files are located unless you're gonna auto-organize your music files with MB. But, importing songs from iPhone to your laptop is not supported by either MB or iTunes, and you will need to use a third-party app.