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Ok, last one for today, I promise. ;D

In Album & Tracks view, if you have tracks without artwork and without an album tag, they will be listed under Unknown Album -- except that they won't be grouped together:

Could these files be shows grouped together in a "Singles" pseudo-album?


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+1 for this.

When scrolling through my library in Artwork or Album and Tracks view it seems to be dominated by big blocks of black-and-grey "Unknown Album" icons.

In some cases they're singles, more often they're just un-tagged albums I haven't researched album names for. I know I need to fix those up, but it would make scanning the library more comfortable if they were grouped into a single album per artist.

Particularly since they usually do represent a single discrete album anyway.

(btw, I just recently discovered MB and I suspect it's the program I've been looking for for 3 years. Thanks.)


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what I generaly do with those, is I find a good Artist picture..then I rename all the loose singles like that and name the album "greatest hits" . and the unkown you can group that way to a decent unkown photo. UnKowned Greatest Hits  :)

But I think what a nice feature would be is to have a check box in Artwork that says "Link this picture to all tracks on this Album" then you could name all those tracks with the same album name and it would save it to all those.
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Thanks Sarge, that seems like entirely reasonable advice.

It also sounds like a fair slice of work that could be avoided at the database level by grouping of all un-albumed tracks into one "Unknown Album".


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You take a group like Aerosmith who's been around for like 40 years, that's alot of albums..and I have lots of 2-3 tracks from alot of I just find a decent Aerosmith photo and group those to that.

it's alot of work yeh, but now when I look at Tags missing artwork it's getting smaller and smaller.

Album Art exchange has alot of cover photos
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this will group "Unknown Albums" by the same artist together:
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