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New to MusicBee and very impressed  :)

I am however having a problem when ripping CDs using MusicBee, in that despite the Album Artist being shown in the CD Rip box when I inspect the ripped tracks no info has been stored in the "Album Artist" tag, (unless it's a compilation CD when "various artists" is used).

I know I can edit the tags afterwards, but would like the album artist tag info done when I rip the CD.

Have I got a setting wrong, or does MusicBee not do this ?



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Album Artist is stored in tag usually only if album tracks have different artists (eg. for compilations). Displayed album artist is either album artist (if it is stored) or artist (if there is no stored album artist). So there is no need to store album artist if it is the same as artist (though its possible).

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Ah, found here exactly my problem...
(First of all, I do my best but forgive my english ;-))
There IS a need for the ALBUM ARTIST Tag. I use a DLNA-Player and browse through my music by ALBUM ARTIST, because by ARTIST there is listed every artist, that has at least 1 Song in my Library. So, for a common Soundtrack-CD, I have 10-14 Artists, that I don`t need in this list.
But with the ALBUM ARTIST-Tag empty, the DLNA-Player will not find the Albums...
So, is there any possibility, that the ALBUM ARTIST is tagged every time, if it is equal with ARTIST or not?

In Foobar I had the same problem, and solved it yesterday by adding
to the FLAC command line.
But this doesn`t work with Musicbee. For some reason, there is no chance to write a tag via command line. To exclude problems with ALBUM ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST and so on, I tried the line
but even if the GENRE tag in the Rip Box is empty, it will not tagged to GENRE.

This is the only reason at the moment that let me stay at foobar...