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I just downloaded MusicBee and started using it, after loading all my music collection. I have used other programs in the latest years and I am starting loving it. But I have a huge problem I did never found with other programs. In some albums, when I do click on one song, it starts a different one, and the speaker icon goes effectively to the one playing. I do try again and some thing happens. The content and the tags seem to be all bungled. I do check in the windows explorer and everything is correct. I just erased the program and downloaded again with same results. My music library stored is ok and I think it has to be some problem with parameters but I don´t get it. It happes in some albums, not all of them, and mostly the ones with various artists, but not only. Sometimes the album with a unique album artist also poses the same problem.
Any idea? Sorry if this has already been discussed but I couldn´t find any info related.


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I had this problem once and it was because the album didn't have track numbers.


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I can replicate the issue with an album with no track#. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.


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