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Hi Steven/all,

I raised this question once about a year ago, but since quite a lot has changed since then I just wanted to look into it again (now using version 2.4.5332).

I have an auto-playlist that is based on the LastPlayed date of my tracks. I use it in in artwork view with your new "expanded view".  So I load the playlist, click an album cover and click the first song underneath to start playing. But then 3 seconds before the end of the song, the playlist refreshes and I lose the view of my album.

I know this is how you intend it to be, and I can still go to Now Playing or whatever, but I really like your new view and hate to see my chosen album disappear after playing one song!

Is there any config file I could edit, or option you could add, to completely disable automatic refreshing of playlists while they're being viewed? I don't expect you to go changing your program for one user's preference, but I don't really understand why anyone would want their playlist to refresh while they're looking at it anyway? I'm probably missing something...

Anyways, thanks for your time and your wonderful program!



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I don't know if this would work, but have you tried setting your playlist to select by album instead of by track?
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