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It might be nice to be able to use tracks in one's local library to create stations or base an Auto-DJ list from.  This could be done with the send-to menu in the right-click context menu.

My thought is that you might have a "" branch that would give you the option to create a station based on the selected song's artist or genre.  The station could either be automatically created and sent to the now playing list or it could auto-populate the create new radio station box, bring up that dialogue and let the user confirm and finalize the station.  If it goes straight to the now playing list, you might give the user the option to save the station under the radio stations library heading.

In as similar fashion, there could be an Auto-DJ entry on the send-to menu.  This would use the selected track as the seed track.  If there were branch options from the Auto-DJ menu, they might be 1) tracks only from the local library, 2) tracks also from, etc. . . .  I suppose you could also have this just auto populate the auto-dj content pane and the user could confirm the options and manually send the list to the now playing area.  I guess this would also mean adding the capability to Auto-DJ to use a specific track for seeding.

I've noticed that right click menu's are not available when selecting on artist, album, genre, etc. in the track finder part of the content pane.  It would be nice to add right clicking to the those items, not only to implement what I mentioned above to use e.g., an artist as the seed for or auto-dj, but also to allow the other right click menu options to be applied for all the subitems that fall under that particular artist / album / genre / etc. being right-clicked.

Just some thougths.  I am currently enjoying the newly bug-free implementation of both as stations and for Auto-dj.  Keep on keepin' on.