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I am new to MusicBee and it's fantastic. But I have been using iTunes to stream wirelessly to Apple TV via the WiFi router.
I intend to get a WD TV Live to replace Apple TV if I am able to stream from MusicBee to the WD TV Live. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to join MusicBee to the HomeGroup so that I can stream via WiFi to WD TV live. I am really hoping I can do this or similar because MusicBee is so superior to iTunes, especially on a Windows computer.
 Sorry for the ignorant question but I am not that knowledgeable with these things?


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I'm afraid I can't offer much advice on this topic, except that I have a WD TV Live and I would recommend you look elsewhere.
Not only does it have issues with some popular video/audio codecs, but it doesn't work too well with music playback either.
There are better options for streaming boxes.
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Not aware of any streaming functionality in MusicBee - you should check out UniversalMediaServer (, it's an excellent free application that let's you stream (using DNLA) a huge amount of formats, both video and audio (mp3, flac, etc) to any device that supports it. Personally I use it to stream video & audio to my WD TV Live, and also audio to my Android phone and Ipad.


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Hello Jaycee52,

You could purchase Eric Milles's AirPlay plugin for ten bucks and continue streaming to your Apple TV box -this arrangement worked flawlessly for me -here is a link to the product:




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Many thanks for the replies so far.
I have downloaded and installed Universal Media Server but unfortunately I am not technically literate enough to understand how to get it operating (I can barely understand what it does). It shows my iPhone and an "unidentified Renderer" as well as Windows Media Player. (I haven't purchased WD TV Live yet and I don't even know what a "renderer" is). I have not been able to work out what players UMS will work with. (MusicBee doesn't seem to be supported). Windows media player indicates "no media devices found".  I really think this is beyond me and I don't expect anyone to spend time trying to educate me so I might abandon UMS unless it appears to anyone that I am missing something simple.

Hi Aaron,
Are you saying that the Airplay plug in will stream from MusicBee to Apple TV? There is not much info on Eric Milles site about how this plug in works. If not MusicBee, what players are needed?


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 I have just found the Readme.txt file in the plug in zip file which gives details on installation.
The plug in is working fantastically allowing streaming of MusicBee to AppleTV (presumably through WiFi network)
I am evaluating at the moment and will definitely purchase license unless there are serious flaws. So pleased to be able to use MusicBee - a great program that provides great features and  frees me from the limited useability and confines of iTunes, not to mention the heavy use of resources.
All that remains is to see if there is a way of printing out the playlists.
Many thanks Aaron for pointing me to this plug in and to others for the advice and help.