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My laptop has overheating issues, to the point that it did a force shutdown earlier tonight.  When I booted the system back up and opened Musicbee, it was back to the default configuration.

When I go to AppData/Roaming/MusicBee, I see a file called MusicBeeSettings_corrupted.  Which makes me think the shutdown completely ruined my settings file.

This is basically a post desperately hoping for a solution I don't imagine exists.  I tweaked my settings for a long, long time, and I really have no idea how to get back to my previous setup without getting through the same tedious process.  Hoping for a solution, not expecting one.


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Potentially able to open up both the corrupted file and the default file in Notepad++, then compare the two to find the changes and copy them into the default file. Of course, it might be worth just trying the corrupted file as the settings file (rename it appropriately and replace the default with it after backing up the default) just to see if it will work.

And for future reference, it's quite a good idea to back up MB's AppData folder(s). All the relevant files should be in there, and recreating them can be very tedious!
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