Author Topic: How to display Artist Information in a separate TAB ?  (Read 2563 times)


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in an older version of Music Bee it was possible to add a tab which shows artist information about the currently played track.

It was also possible to store the window arrangement in a kind of config file just for the display settings.

Meanwhile I lost my special config with this additional TAB ... So I need to configure the settings again from scratch but do not get it managed.

I found now a way to create an additional TAB, but do not get the clue what the next steps are to display in this new TAB the artist information.

Once done how is it possible to save this customized view ? I think the menue to save display configuration vanished ... at least I didn't find it.

Thanks for any help.


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Everything important that has to do with changing the look/ layout of MusicBee has been recently moved to the "Configure Layout" button   , including the option you are looking for "Playing Track Panel".


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You can't save your overall layout, but you can save main panel settings.  Also in the Configure Layout menu.

If you want to back up your layout settings, just use the Library Backup feature, which will include your settings files.
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