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Hey sorry if this had been asked a million times, but I searched and couldnt really find an answer.
I recently said goodbye to winamp and have moved to musicbee, so im still trying to figure out different settings. But is it possible to make a preference for the following; double clicking on an album title in the album panel queues that album AFTER what is already listed in the now playing panel. I have been able to do this wih individual songs but with a full album it just delete s what is in the now playing and starts playing the album instead.
Thanks for any help with this.


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I think what you're looking for can be found under Preferences \ Now Playing.  Take a look at the top section - "now playing list."
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Yeah, setting it to "queue selected tracks next and play now" works for albums in the main panel.  But you said in the album panel.  Did you mean something different by that?
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