Author Topic: MusicBee avid fan in Dallas TX who might want to consult?  (Read 1295 times)


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Is there a knowledgeable user in Dallas TX who might like to consult for a few hours to help me shorten my startup curve? I'm inexperienced in most things digital music, music organizers and players. I have installed MusicBee (Win 8.1), loaded some music and am looking at a mess of albums and tracks that don't make sense. In some cases I see a track listed as an album, in some cases Album Art will appear for a track of the album but not another track of the album. In some cases MB will allow me to identify and select an album art then not apply it-and give no error message. I'm only talking about approx. 25 albums here but I won't load more until I get the current ones sorted out.

The User Manual is somewhat helpful, thanks whoever created it, but I don't seem to find my issues discussed or can't recognize them if they are. The forum seems to be good at very specific questions but mine or more "clueless" in nature.

Any takers? Payment is possible.


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MusicBee has a very small user base so you would be really lucky to find such a person. You might try posting some screenshots of how the main panel looks and if someone from the forum helps you, then they might also need to see your settings (probably the Sorting/ Grouping settings)