Author Topic: Sampler: Date released vs. original date  (Read 7133 times)


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I did not initially think of release date vs. rerelease date but more in terms of Greatest Hits-compilations.
The problem is that, for these, you would have to tag each track individually so that on Rolling Stones Greatest Hits, appearing in, say, 1987, Satisfaction would still have the original date of 1965 and Honky Tonk Women that of 1969 etc.
But demanding to have this automatically is probably overstretching Mp3's possibilities.
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How do you get TDRC to show up in MB? Using pre-defined ID3 tags that aren't included in MB's list of extras is out of my experience.
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@ Pingaware
TYER and TDAT from 2.3 tags become TDRC when using 2.4 tags

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