Author Topic: Conductor tags in .m4a files don't show up  (Read 1136 times)


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I'm a new MusicBee user. Being a classical music lover a have tagged with mp3tag application the Conductor tags of .m4a files (even having added a custom CONDUCTORSORT tag). Unfortunately the Conductor tags of .m4a files don't show up in MusicBee (although conductor tags in .mp3 files do show up).


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Generally MB uses the same tags as iTunes for aac files but i see iTunes doesnt support conductor and mp3Tag is using a different tag than what MB is using. So i have added support for the mp3tag variation:

unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files

you will need to rescan the relevant files - right click/ send to/ rescan files
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Thanks Steven. I'm starting to get knowing MusicBee. Beeing a classical music listester, I've created through this time a few special tags that I find useful when tagging classical music or other music that composers/conductors/performers/soloists/librettists/lyricist mean generally more to listeners. One of such tags is the <ALBUMCOMPOSER/ALBUMCOMPOSERSORT> pair that indicates the main composer in an album and separates these values from the ALBUMARTIST or similar tags. I'm just starting to track ways to implement those tag to MusicBee. I'm also quite interested in the hierarchical presentation of Work/Opus/Part-Act/Movement when a categorisation occurs.
Thanks for all the great work undertaken by you all this time.

vincent kars

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MusicBee has some pretty good options for classical.
Maybe this page on my website is of use:

For tagging I use MusiCHI:
It's tagger is a great help to get uniform spelling for composers and compositions