Author Topic: IcoMoon as Toolbar Icons  (Read 11726 times)


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I use some 32x32 *.png icons from IcoMoon-Free pack

IcoMoon-Free is a free vector icon pack by [Keyamoon]

As I noted, "adjust icon colouring" function in Toolbar settings menu is a really great feature.
Icons match the most selected skins

My buttons in v. 3.0 (from above):
1) Locate Selected Track in Windows Explorer
2) Goto Playing Track at Source
3) Toggle Show Equaliser
4) Toggle Show Thumbnail Browser
5) Toggle Show Column Browser
6) Panel Layout: Album Covers
7) Panel Layout: Track Details
8) Panel Layout: Album and Tracks
9-10) Toggle Show Left/Right Panel (yes, i know about bottom bar buttons)
11) Show Lyrics in Floating Window
12) Rescan Monitored Folders
The last one - is default "Configure layout"

here is 12 icons with readme files from the main icon pack

or visit to choose your own icons


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Nice, that'll come in handy. I didn't consider to set search->locate in windows explorer as a toolbar icon and I use that feature often.
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