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I know this is a strange idea, and probably won't (and couldn't) be implemented, but I was messing around with my windows theme sounds, and wondered if Musicbee could have an optional similar set of sounds for navigation. Something like the sound of a button being pushed on an old cassette player when stopping and starting, beeps when raising or lowering volume, a little ding when a new podcast is downloaded, or even a whoosh when sending something to a playlist or library. I imagine such things could be customised a hundred different ways if implemented.

Is this silly and impractical? What do you guys think?


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It really sounds crazy, but it´s like bringing a kind of reality to a software about the sounds we usually hear when  we interact with gadgets like a tape player, all retro, I think it could even allow to have something like a Sound-Skin selection, or Action-Sound configuration where every one can choose a personalized configuration.


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I think the novelty would wear off very quickly after which it would become really annoying.

That might be just me - one of the first things I do on a new PC is disable Windows sound effects.
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That might be just me - one of the first things I do on a new PC is disable Windows sound effects.

Not just you, I do the same.
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Personally, I'd never use it.  That being said, it could/should be developed as a plugin so those who want it can have it.  I think there are other things that Steven can spend his time on that would have a more wide-spread appeal.
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Actually there is already a plugin for this:

But you should replace voice (which is really just an audio files) with your own sounds.