Author Topic: Import all playlists at once and convert M3U playlists to mbp format - Solution  (Read 7628 times)


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I wanted to import all my existing M3u playlists into MB in one go. Searching the forums suggested drag and drop but this only worked for one file at at a time.

Because MB supports M3u as well as mbp format I came across a quick fix.

1. In MB options set the Playlist type to M3u. Copy all your M3u files to Music/MusicBee/Playlists. You might have to edit the M3u files if the path is incorrect.

2. Run MB and all your playlist will be in the library.

3. Go to MB options and set the Playlist type back to Mbp. MB will convert all your playlist files to Mbp format.

4. Exit MB.

5. Run MB again and all your playlists are in the library again with the source files in Mbp format.

This saved me a ton of time :)


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does Rescan/add files with playlists included not work?
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does Rescan/add files with playlists included not work?

Unfortunately I can not get "Rescan/add files with playlists included" to work for me.  I'm stumped.  The only way I can do it is to open the m3u file and then save the Now Playing List to a playlist.

EDIT:  I got it to work. The only way to import an m3u playlist into MB was to make the changes that SurfRat outlined in the first post.  I had to change the default Playlist type to m3u in order for MB to import it.  And for what it is worth, I still had to hit F5 to get it to show up in the left sidebar.  Seems like it might still be a bug?
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