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Here's the idea... When you're putting a playlist together, especially if it's live, it's great to be able to hear what you're picking before you add them to the queue. Typically what I do is open MusicBee as the main player and then open another player (VLC) to preview, and set different sound devices on each (external soundcard vs headphone output).

How about having a "Primary sound device" and a "Preview sound device" as preferences, and have the option to enter a preview lenght (10sec). Then, as you're playing music, you can right click on any track, hit Preview, and you hear a 10 sec part of the song (kind of like the play button in the Amazon store) via the preview sound device. That will tell you if that was the track you were looking for or not.

That, or any other way of sending tracks to 2 sound devices would be a sweet addition to MusicBee.


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I also need that. I built a plugin wich solves the problem really well: