Author Topic: Add Radio Service to the supported radio channels  (Read 3179 times)


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How about adding this
The service works great for me with Internet Browser,radio stations sound quality is very good, many European (especially French) artists included, good selection of contemporary music, excellent covers and Artist pictures...

I wish I could listen to it with MB  :)

Try it out and share :)
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Please integrate Deezer streaming service as a plugin.



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EDIT:  in the mean time, I found this thread:

Where Bee-liever says:

I don't think wish-listing integration of Deezer would help. The Radio/Smart Radio side of things has full access for all users but 'Music on Demand' is only available to Premium+ subscribers.

I guess the answer is "yes" MB can manage streaming URLs, but only if no DRM or other access restrictions are in place on the streams.


Guess this is the case for Deezer, Spotify, Mixcloud...
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