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im new to MusicBee. For some years now, i have used Zune Desktop to sort and sync my Music to a Windows Phone 7. So i have some infos in the Zune DB like PlayCounts, Ratings and Last-Played-Timestamp. Now i could use a MTP Device to hear my Music and i will move to MusicBee.

I know, i could use as a library path, the same library, but i wish i could use also the extended infos like PlayCounts, Ratings and Last-Played-Timestamp from Zune.

How can i do this?


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I don't know in which format MusicBee store its Database, but maybe its some sort of SQL, like SQLite or such thing. If anyone knows this, could i directly edit the Database from MusicBee to insert my Data?

I have not looked that much in to the Program, i have installed it yesterday the first time, so i don't know so much of the internals.


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I seriously doubt you could edit MB's database. However, if you can export the Zune database to, say, Windows Media Player or iTunes (both much more widely used than MB), then you could: import to one of those programs; check that your database is preserved; import the new WMP or iTunes library into MB. It's a long and tortuous method, and I have no idea if you can export the Zune database like that, but importing from WMP and iTunes is a recognised and common method of preserving an old library.
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According to a Forum Answer of the Developer, its not a SQLite Database. So couldn't do anything manually. I think i have start from scratch to come to a nice playcount, since i dont know any way to export this Zune database zunestore.sdf :-(

But MusicBee looks so promising, that i will use this software over WMP12 or MediaMonkey