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Musicbee skin inspired by vintage computer displays which only displayed black and green colors.

Version 1.0



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Nice work  :)
Tried it with an old-style digital font and it looks great.

Did notice one little bit:
You are missing
element id="Player.Wavebar" bg="x,x,x" fg="x,x,x" fg2="x,x,x" />
element id="Player.Wavebar.Inner" fg="x,x,x" fg2="x,x,x" />
for when the wavebar is displayed in the RH panel
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Nice work!  I was going to suggest you add it to the wiki, but I see you already have.  Thanks!
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Thanks for the feedback guys :)
The wavebar should now be fixed.


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I would like you to add more colors on this one please like Vintage Blue or Vintage Purple.. etc it reminds a Hidden program from MDOS called Edit... so cool