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Not sure how to explain this but here goes. Some tracks, not always the same tracks, and not always in the same place in the track, the music replays briefly may be several times, the playing bar goes back with it and the time remaining and time played does the same. I have the extra buffer ticked and the cpu and ram are running at 10 to 15 %. OS is windows 8. Played sounded by the internal sounded card and usb port and hdmi cable and it is all the same. any one have any ideas ? thanks Tim.   


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Possibly a corruption in the file? Different players handle corruption differently. MB's quite strict about not letting you use corrupt files, but even then it  will let you play them. Results are not always the same though. If they're Mp3s, try running your whole library through Mp3Val and Mp3Diags (in that order). Be warned, this can take a while if you have a large library, and is only a suggestion anyway.
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10-15% CPU sounds abnormal to me - it should be 0-2%
The issue sounds like MB isnt receiving the music data it needs (it might be as Piingaware says but given it happens to many files perhaps not)
But unfortunately i cant really offer any help other than to suggest disabling any DSP plugins and 32-bit & hardware mixing Player options
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