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MusicBee is perfect in many ways, But the Podcast manager isn't as good as other sections of the program!

I've seen a few problems and lack of options in MusicBee's podcast manager:

1- Downloading Podcasts on a poor-quality internet connection is almost impossible! MusicBee starts downloading and everything seems to be fine BUT when you start listening to the downloaded files you see that Most of them are incomplete and MusicBee hadn't downloaded them completely (probably due to the network timeouts).

So in my opinion MusicBee lacks a decent file-download function; the current dowloader neither looks at the 'file-size' nor checks whether the file's been downloaded correctly and completely or not! It just stops downloading the file when the internet connection gets slow or has timeouts and Assumes that the file was just downloaded completely!

This may not be a problem for the people with hi-speed cable internet connections, but for those who are on 3g or dsl or other poor-quality internect connections, this problem is really annoying and makes using MusicBee's podcast manager pointless.  :-\

This also happens a lot when using proxy servers...

So I hope to see MusicBee having a better podcast downloader that doesn't just give up downloading after the first little network timeout and assume the incomplete file to be complete like an idiot!

2- There's no option to change the filename format in which MusicBee saves the downloaded podcasts on the disk.

Imaging being subscribed to some podcasts that have been releasing new episodes every few days for some years. MusicBee sorts them by the 'Publish Date' inside the program which is good, but when you look at the files on the disk there's NO way to know which one was published on what day.

MusicBee offers no option to change the filename format of the downloaded podcasts. For example I'd like them to be saved as something like this: "YYYY-MM-DD _ Episode Title.ext" (like how Winamp does it) to be able to organize my files better. But MusicBee doesn't offer any option for this and saves all the files in this format instead: "Episode Title.ext" which makes it impossible to sort and organize the files by the 'publish date' on the disk.

The worse part is that MusicBee doesn't even allow changing the filename format in "Preferences/Devices/Podcast files" section Which means that the files get copied to your portable music player with filenames like this: "Episode Title.mp3" which makes it impossible for you to listen to them later in a release-time order.

So I wish that MusicBee add an option for choosing the filename-format in which it saves the downloaded podcast files on the disk, and allowing the users to change the filename-format in "Preferences/Devices/Podcast files".

If MusicBee had the above features, I honestly think that it would've been The Most Perfect Podcast Manager in existence!   :(
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