Author Topic: Its time to get rid of Internet Explore in Music Bee and start using Chrome....  (Read 2841 times)


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I am a huge fan of Music Bee and I love the Youtube/Wiki features it adds in. The problem with this is it is using Internet Explore.  Anyone who is anybody knows of the recent security risks recently discovered about ALL versions of internet explore. Why isnt there a feature to pick which browser the program uses? I do not trust Internet Explore and i have disabled all those features.. Its really sad.. cuz they are great features. Its just not worth it IMO


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Not every browser program has the ability to be embedded within another program. If

IE does. Firefox does. From memory, Chrome doesn't.

Also, FUD.
Bee excellent to each other...


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I don't mind IE being embedded, it works fine.  I always reduce the font size though (using ctrl and minus), wonder if there's anyway to get it to persist?


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There's no reason that a similar bug couldn't be discovered in Firefox or Chome tomorrow.

The embedded browser is pretty limited so I doubt that a bug like that could be exploited. But if you just stick to reputable websites you won't have any trouble. If you're that afraid, just don't use it.