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So, having used Macbooks and ITunes for many years, I have recently switched to Windows 8.1 and decided to go with MusicBee as my music library/player. I have a problem though, burning CD's via WAV is working fine (even though I keep having to type in so much information myself), but I have two mixtapes I downloaded off the internet that are in MP3 format, and I have NO IDEA where I am supposed to move them :/ It's been years (around 9) since I used a Windows PC and I'm not very tech savvy anyway...but can someone walk me through what I need to do to get these two albums in my library?


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Do you mean you are ripping CDs to WAV?  You may find FLAC a more functional format.  It is also lossless (CD quality audio), but with smaller file size and better metadata support.  Also, if you can show us what you're doing (, we may be able to save you work on entering info.  MusicBee has pretty good auto-tagging features.

MP3 files can be dragged from Windows Explorer to MusicBee, or you can scan them in using the Rescan/Add Files popup.  See this page for more info:
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