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EDIT - I fixed this by setting an artwork filter and using the 'rescan artwork button' that was in filter menu. I didn't see this before because I hadn't attempted to define a new artwork filter since having the problem because artwork would appear when I actually played a track, which meant I knew the filter wasn't the problem.

New to music bee and new to the forums, so hi all!

Firstly, musicbee is a great piece if software - it doesn't try to predetermine how you work so nicely done. But, I'm having a bit of a problem which is undoubtedly because I'm missing something but I can't work out what, so I'm here in the hope that someone can tell me how stupid I'm being.

I'm trying to autosync a 64gb USB stick to an auto playlist set to include all non-dance genres (you're either in the mood or you're not), transcoding from flac to mp3 on the fly. It works really well except that it doesn't transfer cover art.

Album art is stored as Cover.jpg in the album folder with the flacs, and music bee is set up in the tags1 menu to find these and does so successfully - when I substitute for an obscure image it shows up in the preview area. I've set the device settings to store album art, and tried both folder.jpg and the destination folder with filename set to Cover.jpg as destinations, but no joy.

Can any one help?

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