Author Topic: Display of multivalued tags and comment tags in popup-box  (Read 1590 times)


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It would be nice to have the behaviour explained in thread

Basically when you have a comment field filled with lots of linefeed separated information, when you
hover over with the mouse over that field in the Main Track-Detail-View the popup box which appears should show
the complete content instead of truncating it.
There is a screenshot in which shows the truncation,
but also the in my opinion right behaviour when the comment field is used in the "Selected Tracks"-Detail view.

When I think about it, it looks like if you have a multivalued tag like for example the new "Artists: Performer"" tag,
which tends to have a lot of entries, as you can see from the following screenshot

the popup box also truncates this information but displays it as a ";" separated list.
It would also be nice to show the information from multivalued fields without truncating them as new line
separated lists in a popoup-box. So the list of performers for example would display below each other.

Right now you have to use  the TagEditor and sometimes even the TagInspector to look at this kind of data.

What do you think ?