Author Topic: Enhancing MusicBee with performer roles from MusicBrainz  (Read 2103 times)


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Take for example the track #1 entry from the following MusicBrainz website:

Right now my picard plugin ( automatically
tags a corresponding mp3 file with information shown like in the following screenshot in MusicBee:

As you can see, in the Library explorer under "Artist" when choosing for example Tom Morello,
the track #1 song is listed twice, because Tom Morello is listed under "Guest Artist" AND "Performer".

It would be nice to have in the brackets after the track information "Guest" and "Performer" respectively
instead of the repeated name information.

Even better, it would be easy to change my plugin to write also the performer role information to the TXXX/PERFORMER tag
so that MusicBee would display it like in the following screenshot (see the red strings under library explorer):

Instead of the repeated artist name information in the brackets we could now have the
performer role information parsed out of the TXXX/PERFORMER tags.

It would be a shame to loose all the information from MusicBrainz.

If people think that their Artist entries below Explorer will eventually explode, maybe another Library Explorer
entry just for performers is the way to go.

What do you think ?


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I'm wrestling with this same issue, but I'm not sure there's a good universal solution.  The only thing I can think that would make sense is for MusicBee to read TMCL/TIPL/IPLS artists and roles according to the standard (role; artist; role; artist; etc, which is how Picard writes them) and offer some way to format them within MusicBee.  Right now I use the Additional Tagging Tools plugin for that, with some complicated and occasionally stymied regex.

Added: To really get Performer integrated, it might require a MusicBee plugin, too.
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