Author Topic: corruption(?) of time values  (Read 2114 times)


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Previously, I had edited the playing time of my tracks within a playlist by using ‘Track/Edit/Settings/.
I then decided to use ‘Edit/Preferences/Player/remove silence at start and end of track’;   I also checked:-

 cross-fade for 0.7 seconds and fade in new track
cross-fade when skipping tracks; smooth fade.

Trying to fine tune timing, I have come to conclusion that two are not compatible in-as-much-as, Edit/Preferences etc., is truly GLOBAL and takes control of all track length calculations.  Therefore, I unchecked it; I now aware of a peculiarity, where in, when I now use ‘Track/Edit/Settings/ and check ‘start time: Skip Silence’ a time value shows in the relevant box.

However, when I do the same to ‘end time: Skip value, the value returned is 00:00:000.
I can play the track, but the progress bar does show any progress and the both time values on the right of the progress bar register as nil.
I have restarted MB to see what that does; I have highlighted all files and sent them to rescan and neither action has charged the existing results.

Any suggestions please