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MusicBee is a very good player.It should certainly be incorporated into linux operating system.Linux requires such a good music manamgement app.
Is there any ongoing development on it or it is a future plan?


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this has been asked quite a few times on the forum so if you do a forum search you can find a more complete answer. No near or medium term plans for this.
Most linux users i have heard highly praise Amorak so if you havent tried that might be worth trying out
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Amarok* used to be okay before it started going the overly hip, social route (like Songbird).

Since GNU/Linux and BSD-likes lack a full-featured Music Manager, any people have resorted to running Foobar2K under WINE. More info on this Hydrogen Audio thread


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...the overly hip, social route (like Songbird).

Sums it up very nicely.

My personal favourite is Clementine, which is for the old Amarok fans. It's still maturing and lacking podcast support but generally it's a great little player.
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I found MusicBee recently and have very quickly come to love the product - excellent work.  As with other members, I really wish this was available for Linux.  If this was, it would easily become the default player as it's world's ahead of any other player for Linux (and Windows).  I love a lot about Linux, but hate the fact that all music players are so poor.


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I'd love to see MusicBee run natively on Linux, as all the existing Linux music managers lack something or the other; I found MusicBee perfect. Steven will get many more admirers if he can pull this off.


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