Author Topic: Can I configure MB to display a column containing scrobbles?  (Read 2842 times)


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I'm a new MB user (latest portable version) and I'm curious if there is any way to have my playcounts (scrobbles) from show as a column in the MB player? I could do this in foorbar2000 with an additional component. I essentially used that to represent playcount since everything I play, desktop and mobile, gets scrobbled and I wouldn't have to miss two-way syncing. I could also use those figures to build auto-playlists. If this isn't possible, does MB support two-way sync of playcounts from and Android device ( Galaxy S4, using ProPlayer for playback)?

Any help is appreciated, this is a great app.


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of course, you can display the playcounts. Just make a right click in the column row, and select
"playcount" - I guess this is the correct name, in german it is called "Abgespielt Zähler"

see picture below....



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In addition, you can sync your play count with your library play count (Tools > Tagging Tools > Sync Play Count).

Excellent! This is exactly what I was hoping for. Best app ever.
Thank you.