Author Topic: I have premium and i still can't stream with AutoDJ  (Read 2504 times)


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When i go into the autoDJ dialog box and try to enable web streaming from so i can get it to play music similar to the music i listen to, for example sometimes i'm in a mood for a specific sound so it would be an extremely handy feature. However, when ever i check the box to enable streaming it says

" requires you have a paid subscription to listen to music streams via third party applications such as MusicBee"

I've tried opening and closing it, signing in and out of in the musicbee application but i don't know what could cause it. However, i only bought the premium like 10 minutes ago but the email says it's activated.
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the premium subscription flag is cached when you first logged in to I will try and come up with a better solution at a later date but for now locate and edit the following file:
c:\users\<your id>\appData\Roaming\MusicBee\LastFmConnect.dat
changing the last line from 0 to 1

However i think changed the rules last year and even premium customers cant listen to radio streams with third party apps except in a few limited countries


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Thanks Steven, I've got it to work and I'm hoping this solution comes up in google as i couldn't find any results. This program is amazing and completely solves my issues with having a separate hard drive with music on it being tied to itunes which gets removed along with all my playlists and other data when i reinstall my operating system.