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MB v 2.3.5173 and previous versions

I have created a folder for my personal playlists, thus minimising the space taken up by my playlists in the left panel
This works fine, however, I have noticed that when I click on this folder that whilst my playlists are correct, every track included in that folder is displayed in the main player.

This does not affect my listening pleasure so I am not bothered about it, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention as a ‘bye-the-bye’ comment just in case this was not intended.


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By folder do you mean folder on your HDD?

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He is talking about: right-click playlist pane -> new folder
Once you put some playlists into a folder, choosing the folder displays the output of all the playlists combined.
I think it is probably an intended feature.


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Sorry for the delay

Thank you both for your replies.  As I said, it does not interfere with my music and, therefore, I am not too bothered about it.
It was just something I noticed.

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