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Hi ,

I recently found Musicbee the program and I love it . However, for me there are a few missing features . Here it is:
1 For missing cover art I think it would be much better if instead of a gray image of a colorful picture would be in the middle or the bottom would be the name of the band and no cover label .
2 I think it would be a good idea if the program would include Soundcloud , Spotify and Grooveshark pages and could earn them in real time as well. I mean, not so that I can type the page within the program, but just one part .
3 In my search did not work , even tried to search for music , did not give anything away . I think that would be quick and search can be achieved within the Computer tab you right click on a folder egérgomubal shows up in a search window and there could be sought.
4 A few soft keyboard world was not clear at first what it's for , and when I pulled the mouse, you can not put out anything. I think it would be nice if something would show at a time when he yanked a few seconds for the image .
5 I think that would be a good idea if all the Theater mode would be available as an icon brings up the playlist and displayed all of the currently playing folder .
6 Also that if you could put it in Theater Mode and their images are rotated on the program.
7 Games . I imagined that one so I have selected a folder, the program would read the music. And they should also find the artist, album title or number . And could also be fashioned to speak or would the numbers backwards or distorted many minutes .
8 I noticed that the program does not specify the number or folder you are currently playing . I think it's good when you're looking around for , say, the program must not show the currently playing folder you would indicate . Or would such a button next to the stop button is there immediately take to the currently playing track.
9 Continued on next is it. This can be imagined that the end of the song when it is not the song in a folder but continuing with the song you say another folder appointed.
10 When a new song follows the very top of the screen will reveal an inscription which celebrated write the current track being played .
11 I have not tested it, but if it works then you have my apologies . The artwork and lyrics and download if you need to read from a specific folder . In the case of new installations Saved in these folders can read back .
12 I think a good idea if the program is closed, the history can be deleted.

All the best,
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I'm not having a go but I feel that these threads with lots of wishes would be better if split. Each individual wish as a separate thread. I know that Steven is patient beyond most conceivable belief but in his position I would more or less disregard a thread such as this.  I would want just one focus per thread that I can clearly see and also clearly see the reasons behind such wish
Again I'm not having a pop and maybe Steven would even prefer it this way, I'm mealy expressing my opinion   

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