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I would like to request a feature where users can give their interpretation on a song/lyrics and share it with others. There are some lyrics websites that have some comments on songs, and some of the interpretations people have are very interesting (to me), considering I would've never thought of listening or viewing the songs from their perspective. Unfortunately, for the most part people don't share their interpretations of songs at all.

A MusicBee feature could fill in this gap. A simple tab next to the lyrics tab could suffice for entering and/or sharing one's own interpretation, and to retrieve interpretations from others. It would not be stacked away in a small comments box where one has to click on 'edit' for specific songs first, although that's an alternative possibility. In addition to being a fun and possibly inspiring feature, it could eventually also facilitate (scientific) research focused on users' listening experience and interpretations, in addition to just author intention-based research. It's not unthinkable.

Thanks for considering in any case!