Author Topic: Where download 2.4 version ?  (Read 2687 times)


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I received email notification about new 2.4 version two days ago, but I don't find how to download it:.
On download page there is only the 2.3 version.


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there is no 2.4 version available yet and there was no email sent by me


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probably like I got, just a notification that there was a new topic on the board?


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What you did in the past was to view the 'latest version' board and clicked the 'notify' button to subscribe to it.
The board is here:

So when Steven posted the new v2.4 beta thread a couple of days ago, you got notified.
But there has been no beta release yet (usually an update is posted once or twice a month).
In the v2.3 thread, you can download v2.3 final if you haven't already got it.

The 'daily-build' patch for v2.4 may appear here in future (if Steven is consistent with the naming scheme):
But nothing has been posted yet.
You'd only usually download the patch if you were following development in the forum and wanted to test something.