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so I've recently started using MB and so far it has been a great experience!

The only small detail thats holding me back is why can't I make the Now Playing List (right sidebar) show the musics that will be played when I have shuffle enabled.

I like to listen to my music in shuffle mode but also being able to see which is going to be the next music so I can do a quick removal of any unwanted music in the future while still maintaning the shuffle working.

Is it possible to make it show the shuffled musics by order in the now playing list? if yes, how?

Thanks for any future replies :)


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Instead of toggling "Shuffle" on, you can do this: add all of the songs that you want on the Now Playing list, then right-click and select "List" > "Shuffle List." This is a one-time action that will shuffle the list into a random order and then keep that order, so you can see the entire sequence.

Hope this helps. :)


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another suggestion is to use the Auto-Dj which does that and gives you more choices. It can be activated from under the Playlists node in the left navigator


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Another way is using a theater view. If it's equipped with a now playing list (for instance Rdio Style offers artwork now playing list), that shows only tracks that will actually play in shuffle mode. So you could open a TM view in Playing Track panel in tab to browse what tracks will play. Also clicking on any track on the list will instantly play the track.


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