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Just want to clear up my under standing of this. I Just play odd tracks from different albums from my library, some of the albums  have different sound levels to others on play back ( all play back done by computer ) which system I need to use to get the all of the library to play back the same ? track gain or album gain? and what else do I need to do?  Cheers Stretch


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If you select Track Gain only, then all tracks in your library will playback in the same volume level regardless of what you're playing. Of course they should have Track Gain tag done with the same algorithm.


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track gain or album gain?
Track gain is meant to make all tracks play at the same volume regardless of which album or source they come from.
Album gain is meant to make all albums play at roughly the same volume, but if some songs on an album are meant to be "quieter" than others the values will reflect this.


Easiest is to include track and album values when doing Replay Gain analysis and use MB's Smart Gain option to work out the best to use in different situations.
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Thanks to those that gave advice much appreciated. Cheers Stretch