Author Topic: Picard MusicBrainz standard tags  (Read 3750 times)


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It would be nice to have the following MusicBrainz related tags
available predefined as custom tags (this is how picard tags them)

TXX/MusicBrainz Release Group Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Album Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Album Artist Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Artist Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Release Track Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Disc Id
TXX/MusicBrainz Work Id

They could nicely be used as web links in the "Now Playing -
Details"-panel to quickly navigate to corresponding MusicBrainz web
pages when a song is selected

I'm already running out of the 16 custom tags limit.


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In case Steven is open to doing this, here is a table that should make it easier:

Internal Name
iTunes MP4
ASF/Windows Media
musicbrainz_artistidTXXX:MusicBrainz Artist Artist IdMusicBrainz/Artist Id
musicbrainz_discidTXXX:MusicBrainz Disc Disc IdMusicBrainz/Disc Id
musicbrainz_originalartistidTXXX:MusicBrainz Original Artist IdMUSICBRAINZ_ORIGINALARTISTIDn/ Original Artist IdMusicBrainz/Original Artist Id
musicbrainz_originalalbumidTXXX:MusicBrainz Original Album IdMUSICBRAINZ_ORIGINALALBUMIDn/ Original Album IdMusicBrainz/Original Album Id
musicbrainz_recordingidUFID: Track IdMusicBrainz/Track Id
musicbrainz_albumartistidTXXX:MusicBrainz Album Artist Album Artist IdMusicBrainz/Album Artist Id
musicbrainz_releasegroupidTXXX:MusicBrainz Release Group Release Group IdMusicBrainz/Release Group Id
musicbrainz_albumidTXXX:MusicBrainz Album Album IdMusicBrainz/Album Id
musicbrainz_trackidTXXX:MusicBrainz Release Track Release Track IdMusicBrainz/Release Track Id
musicbrainz_workidTXXX:MusicBrainz Work Work IdMusicBrainz/Work Id


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I couldn't have formulated it better .. can't believe it's almost 10 years since my first request ... now I'm almost retired 😀


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Might be a little biased though, I use ScrobblerBrainz which has MBID submission with an external library. :P