Author Topic: "copy source files into the library" setting no longer supported  (Read 11082 times)


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As of v2.3, the "copy source files into the library" for auto-organised libraries is no longer supported and will be disabled. This is mainly because it causes files to be duplicated for a number of users and as a fool-proof solution cant be implemented, the setting will no longer be supported. It also had a bug where in certain setting combinations it didnt copy the files and to fix would make the duplication problem worse.

For those of you who do use this setting, understand how it works and didnt have files being duplicated, you can re-enable the function by amending the following setting in "MusicBeeLibrarySettings.ini" which is located in the root music folder for each library you have.

change to

You need to have the latest v2.3 update installed and have run it at least once, where you would have received a message saying the setting has been disabled, and then exited MusicBee so the above entry in the settings file is created.
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I would like a COPY instead of just MOVE.

Ill follow your instructions,
Thank you


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This worked perfectly,

Just make sure you have MusicBee closed when you do it.

The first time I had it open, I did them modify and then closed and reopened and it reset the setting.


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I've been using MB for years and recently updated it to ver 2.3.
I had problem first with 'not copying to the desginated hard drive that it used to' but found this thread, follow the instruction, and the problem solved.
But, a couple days ago I upgraded my PC with newer ssd, installed Windows 7, installed MB ver 2.4.
Followed the instruction exactly that I once already did, but nothing happens. Could someone please help me?

What  I used to do and want to have now is this.

1. I always reorganize the mp3 files with Mp3tag program in a different folder.
2. Then I add those mp3 files to MB library which is located to another hard disk drive.
3. MB duplicate those files to library.
4. I erase the mp3 files in my work folder.

I have about 5TB of mp3s to add into MB library. I bought new 6TB hdds. I want these mp3s moved into new 6TB hdd and be added to MB library.
What should I do?

Thanks for reading.



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If you want it auto-organized, consult the following thread:
If not, you could just add those files in the new HDD to your library.


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Tried again with v2.4 and failed.

Back with v2.3 and it is working fine.

I think I should stick to v2.3 for the moment.

Thanks anyway.



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was this the same as itunes "Add items from your computer to your iTunes library"