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I had a problem in the other thread which I think could be resolved by implementing a batch edit for "properties" tags, which is currently only possible by editing one file at a time.

My problem was due to the fact I listen to my music by sorting them according to "Date added" and I'm aware that I have a particular/weird way of doing things.

As I've said so many times before, thanks you Steven again for making us so happy with an awesome program!

Happy New Year :)


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Right-click the column headers -> group by -> album.
You may need to re-apply your 'date added' sorting.

This should give you a list grouped by album, with the most recently added albums at the top.
I assume this is what you are aiming for?
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Thanks! That worked too but I've achieved the optimal results in preference ->sorting and grouping and customised the sorting. I prefer that because it looks cleaner.