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Is there anyway to have MusicBee watch an external playlist for changes?

Suppose I have a folder, T:\PlayLists, and in hat folder I have 3 M3U files.  What I would like is to be able to add  T:\PlayLists to the list of monitored folders and have MB automatically pick up any changes to the 3 files that are done outside of MB.

If I just add T:\PlayLists to the list of monitored folders, it doesnt seem to find any play lists at all?  Is this right?

If I do a manual add, it picks them up but makes a copy in the library folder and any changes to the original are not reloaded

I know I can simply point MB at T:\PlayLists for its playlist location, but there are other reasons why I dont want to do that [because T is a mapped network drive shared with others]



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I don't think it can be done with MB. You might want to look for a file sync app that could detect any changes in the source files and update their copies in MB's playlist folder.


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I have the same problem. Have MB on two PC's, intend to install it on my notebook once I get it working properly on 2nd PC. All are on the same home network. MB installed on the second PC is directed to the library folder on the 1st PC, picked all files up no problem. Also when I add new files to the library folder on 1st PC, MB on 2nd PC picks changes up, no problem. But when I add new files to the playlists on the 1st PC, the 2nd PC doesn't pick up the changes. The .mbp playlist files are stored in Playlist folder in the MB folder. The funny thing is that if I manually add the file to the MB playlist on the 2nd PC, that particular .mbp file on the 1st PC changes the date modified time to the time that I added that file on the 2nd, so MB on the 2nd PC obviously connects to the .mbp file on the 1st PC. Also, when I installed MB on the second PC, it picked up the playlists stored on the 1st PC OK, just won't pick up changes. I think I've tried most options in Library preferences, but if anyone has some ideas please let me know.
Hope that all makes sense!


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MB installed on the second PC is directed to the library folder on the 1st PC, picked all files up no problem.

Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but I wanted to warn you that having multiple copies of MB using the same library files is a bad idea.  Could easily lead to database corruption.  You can probably still share playlist files without too much risk, or at least less to lose if something goes haywire.
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Thanks for the advice. It looks like I might be better off running MB independently on all 3 PC's. I have AJC Sync set up between main PC and notebook so that shouldn't be a problem. All I have to do is set up another sync project between main PC and my 2nd PC. I found the post
"How to Share a Library over a Local Area Network via Dropbox/Homegroups", but I really don't want to interfere with the way I have my music files and folders set up in my main PC.