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Check the details of your music collection in a way that is both visually pleasing and informative. MusicBee would display custom icons beside your album artwork based on certain tags you specify. This functionality is very similar to how highlighting currently works.
The image posted above is a mock-up.

Examples of icons that could be used:
~ file format (mp3/flac/aac)
~ channels (stereo/surround)
~ record label or publisher
~ type of disc (sacd/dvd-a/hdcd)
~ pressing (remastered/original)
~ country of origin

What do you think?

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This functionality is very similar to how highlighting currently works

Maybe it's so similar that all we need is an option for each rule to select album/track in the 'Highlighting Rules Editor'. If 'track' is selected it works as it does now, if 'album' is selected it displays the icons under the album cover.

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Since the current highlighting option works well for many people, I would suggest to not touch it.
Instead, Steven can add a 'copy' of this feature, but related to the album.
So, the 'classic' highlighting will color the tracks according to the first matching rule, while the new 'album highlighting' will display all matching rules.
I believe it is not impossible?


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I think this feature would cost quite much to implement in regards to what it do.

With clever use of unicode characters and virtual tags you can achieve something similar, but "more to the point": :)

Virtual tag: ▬ <.Ext> ►◄ <Channels> © <Publisher>
Those unicode characters might not show here, but in Windows you can look in charmap for them