Author Topic: Auto Convert music files based on extension  (Read 3404 times)


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Hi everybody. Just discovered MusicBee. HUGE fan.

I spent all weekend playing with the program settings and preferences to make everything as automated as possible. The ONLY manual thing I have to do now is convert files to mp3. I have a 'separate' library containing of purely mp3's that I keep in sync with OneDrive for use with my Lumia 920.

Just curious if there was a way to automatically convert a file (based on extension) once it hits the inbox or once I move it to the library? I understand that you can convert on the fly when syncing - just wanted to know if this could happen prior to syncing!




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You could turn a drive to a virtual device (right click from computer node in left navigator). This means you could use converting on the fly feature by auto-syncing a selected folder. If you set up the destination folder (music files path on devices settings) as your inbox, then auto-converted files will gather there, being ready to be imported to your library.