Author Topic: MusicBee User Instruction Guide for beginners  (Read 10128 times)


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Well, I have put together a rough draft of what I think people were asking for (beginners guide - what to do first?) It is just one chapter, I would like to add some more. If is a PDF file.

Please let me know what works, what should be added, any incorrect information, etc. Of course ideas to further enhance it would be welcomed. I quite enjoyed putting it together and hopefully can find time to add more chapters! This is NOT a copy of what is on the Wiki. The screenshots are the same, but the content is new and hopefully a little clearer.

Download file ---->
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That's a good effort for a first draft.

There does appear to be a certain amount of overlap with the Wiki, so maybe you could be clearer in the introduction about what this guide provides that the Wiki doesn't, and vice versa. Who is it meant to be used by? When would you use this and not the wiki, or help pages? Could elements be added to the wiki when complete?

One thing that might be useful would be  to describe in more detail the concept of the Inbox, and how it is used. I took a little while to get my head around this as it wasn't a feature I had come across before, and the information on the wiki is quite brief. However now I 'get it' I think it's one of the most useful features of MusicBee.

I would like to see an explanation of what happens when you scan for music files, and when you import music from itunes libraries. The following lines in your document are really important to help understand the 'concept' of how MusicBee manages music, and could be at the start of the import section:
"By default, MusicBee will not move any files scanned, only link to their current location. All files that MusicBee finds will be added directly to your Library"

Coupled with this, it  is important for a new user to understand the difference between the MusicBee library/database compared with what they might consider as their library (i.e. the directory location on their hard drive or NAS where their physical files reside. This is a key concept as the terms are commonly used in the forums and wiki.



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I cannot even begin to thank you. I have been swimming around this wiki for days drying to find "Musicbee for complete beginners". But nothing. Nothing in the app. Nothing in the wiki and nothing in a search!

All I want to do is use it to sync music between my laptop and my phone. I've got too much on my laptop to fit on my phone, and thus I will vary what's on the phone from the central repository over time - as well as adding to the central repository.

That's it! I've got mp3tag for tagging. Any other functionality will be nice to have and I'll learn about it over time. But I don't want something that's gong to mess with my tags without me absolutely saying so, or move my files around, etc.

Oh, and creating file-based playlists would be nice too.

So, thank you! And omg, why is it so hard to find this info!? We're not all music player/mp3/file experts!


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May be its worth to add a link to this guide to landing page page of wiki?