Author Topic: Crimson.xml: I want a white progress bar in the player. What do I change?  (Read 3533 times)


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Current dark red is too dark on a laptop, especially outside.  I want to make it white. 

Please show me where in the text to make the change, and what are the color values.  Thanks.


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Are you referring to the Crimson skin of Dark-Variations skin set?

If so, search for the following elements:

<element id="Player.ProgressBar" bg="40,40,40" bdr="93,7,42" />

<element id="PlayerFlat.ProgressBar" bg="70,70,70" fg="93,7,42" bdr="55,55,55" />

<element id="PlayerSidebar.ProgressBar" bg="10,10,10" bdr="140,140,140" fg="93,7,42" />

Then replace "93,7,42"(crimson color) with "255,255,255" (white) or something similar.