Author Topic: Album stops playing when I move from inbox to library  (Read 3061 times)


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This never used to happen and I was wondering why it does now. Perhaps I have a changed setting, or maybe some clash of a newly added feature (I'm on the latest update).

I used to listen to albums from within my inbox, tag them while listening, and whilst still listening, move them to the library. Even when musicbee calculates replay values it did't stop the album playing.

Now I get a statusbar message saying 'moving files' and the album/track immediately stops. My library and inbox are still in the same space, and I haven't fiddled with any settings that I can remember apart from updating. Can someone figure out what's going on now?


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i havent changed anything around this and trying now it doesnt stop the music file playing. The only thing that would cause MB to stop the playback is if your library is auto-organised and the file needs to be moved to fit the organisation rule