Author Topic: moving items in playlists like in Winamp  (Read 8215 times)


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but it only helps in the very specific scenario of changing the order of a playlist with 100s of tracks in it. Are there enough people doing that on a regular basis to warrant the time to implement the other methods?

Forgive me, I wouldn't consider changing tracks around a playlist any more of a "very specific scenario" than doing many other operations that MB facilitates.
The "very specific" scenario I was referring to is repositioning a track 100s of positions up or down in an existing playlist. In that case being able to type the required position might be more efficient. Otherwise, I think dragging would still be faster and easier, especially if the requested acceleration was implemented.
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Today I've been struggling with managing a big playlist again. It's a true chore without speed-up scrolling, so...



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