Author Topic: More Intelligent Windows Explorer Locating When File Missing  (Read 2703 times)


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Currently, when you right click a file and choose "Search>Locate in Windows Explorer", it brings up the Windows Explorer box. That's fine. If you then change the file name, a dialogue box comes up asking if you want to locate the missing source file. If you have only changed the file name, this is relatively simple as it just shows the folder in which the original file was located and finding the renamed file is easy.

However, if you've changed the folder name as well, the folder of the Music Bee library is shown instead. This can be several clicks away from the new folder, making it a much longer process to find the file again.

My request is that, instead of just defaulting to the Music Bee library, the last unchanged folder is shown instead. What I mean by this is, if you say have the artist Queen and the album "The Game" misspelt in the folder structure as "The Gam" (giving you Queen>The Gam>File), instead of displaying the Music Bee library folder, the Queen folder is displayed instead as the lowest (or highest depending on how you look at it) folder left unchanged after you have corrected the spelling of "The Game". Hope that's clear enough to understand!
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